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So Much Beer
Beer Cans, Beer Bottles, Beer Kegs, & Beers On Tap!

Cheap Charlie's Beer & Wine Superstore in Gresham Has Over 30 Beers On Tap, 1500 Craft Beers, and 1200 Flavors of Wine

The Cheap Charlie's list of available bottled beers can be found Here The list includes all kinds of beer from Kolsch to an Espresso Stout. We carry the most beers on tap in Gresham and they change WEEKLY. We carry local craft beers from Portland and all over Oregon. For this week's list of our avaiable Craft Beers on tap Click Here
Follow Cheap Charlie's on Twitter @CheapOCharlies, Facebook @thebestbottleshop, or Instagram @CheapCharlies9 to hear about our newest beer on tap and get your fill before the tap blows! We also post on social media about our new arrivals for seasonal craft beers.

Beer Menu Taplister

Keg Services

At Cheap Charlie's you can order kegs for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, birthdays, just about any gathering. Availability on our kegs change by the season. To view our up to date keg list, Click Here Come to our store in Downtown Gresham on Roberts Road just off of Powell or call to order at 503-545-4301.

Kegs Available

That's Really A lot of Beer

So what kind will you get?

Cheap Charlie's has experience with all kinds of beer and is readily able to help you decide. Below is a brief list of characteristics about a handful of beers you'll find at Cheap Charlie's.

  • Kolsch is clear with a bright, straw-yellow hue, has a prominent but not extreme hoppiness, and is less bitter than the standard German pale lager.
  • Pale Lager is a very pale to golden-coloured beer with a well attenuated body and a varying degree of noble hop bitterness.
  • Stout is a dark beer with rich, often chocolately flavor. Stouts tend to be higher A.B.V.
  • Milk Stout is similar to Stout but with a sweeter and creamier flavor.
  • Espresso Stout has coffee and/or espresso notes.
  • IPA is light in colour and tends to be very hoppy.
  • Radler is beer mixed with a soft drink, carbonated lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale, or apple juice. The proportions of the two ingredients are adjusted to taste, usually half-and-half.

E-Cigarettes & E-Liquid/E-Juice

We carry many different brands of e-cigarettes and e-liquid. Our best local Gresham supplier is Aitheras. Aitheras crafts a wide variety of premium e-juice right here in Gresham, Oregon. Follow Aitheras on Facebook @aitherasvapours

    Aitheras Premium Juice
  • Aphrodite Banana Cream Pie w/ Acai Berry
  • Apollo Tropical Pineapple Green Tea
  • Ares Pomegranate Bourbon Wintergreen
  • Athena Creamy Coconut Pear
  • Demeter Vanilla Cream Tobacco
  • Dionysus Whiskey Giner Ale
  • Poseidon Creamy Blueberry Kiwi
  • Zeus Apricot Cream Pie

Aitheras E-Juice

At Cheap Charlie's You Can...

image 4

Sample Any Beer On Tap & Buy/Refill Your Growler

We offer over 30 beers on tap. With so many craft beers to chose from, you really just have to sample our beers on tap. We have Cider, Porter, Stout, Amber Ale, IPA, Blonde Ale, and more. Come stop by and try any beer on tap.

image 5

Browse Local & Rare Craft Beers

Supporting local Gresham and Portland Oregon Breweries, also other breweries all over the nation. We carry cans, bottles, and some cases. Feel free to walk around and stay awhile to find just the right beer.

image 6

Over 1200 Different Wines Available

We carry Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Merlot, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Champagne. With so many different wines from sweet to dry, we offer wine consulting.

image 7

Choose From Many E-Juice Flavors

We have a wide range of flavors and nicotine levels available for our e-cigarette customers. If there is a flavor we don't have in stock that you would like, let us know and we'll order it.

image 8

Buy Soda & Snacks

One stop shop for everything you need to party or hangout. We even sell ice!

image 9

We Stock Fresh Salsa Weekly

Fresh Killer Tomato Salsa is sold here. All natural ingredients with heat levels of Medium, Hot, or Burn. We also carry Killer Tomato Salsa Hot Sauce and Dip Mixes.

We have the best customers

"Outstanding selection of beer and wine. Up there with John's Market and other similar bottle-shops. Whenever I am looking for something specific, I make sure to stop by and check here. I have had luck many times. Periodically when I stop in they offer tastings of wine or beer by someone from a local brewery or vineyard. Nice addition. Will definitely return."
-Ramie M. Lake Oswego, OR

"Huge selection. With several beers, ales, etc., Cheap Charlie's is the only place near around Portland to source them. Example: several of Fuller's English ales are regularly in stock in good quantity. Clean and well managed shop. Very helpful staff. They can order what you wish an in most cases it will come in their weekly order."
-Don J. Portland, OR

"Best beer and wine selection I've found in Portland area. It's a bit far if you aren't out east but it is worth a stop if you are passing thru Gresham. Personally, this will be worth a monthly trip to stock up on my favorite beers. The selection is broad and deep. I could find all of the brands and styles I enjoy, including the full offering from Oskar Blues and Paulaner (my faves). They have many, many hundreds of beers in stock, maybe over a thousand.
They also have a gigantic wine selection. If you can't find what you want, ask the owner. He'll help you find it or order it for the store. He said about half of the selection are his choices and the rest is a growing list of customer requests. Considering the vast selection they stock, the prices are great and the same or cheaper than you would find elsewhere. This store is worth a visit if you are looking to explore new beers or searching for your favorite brew that can't be found anywhere else. "
-Matt C. Beaverton, OR
Reviews were sourced from Yelp.

We Are Located In The Downtown Gresham Community

   79 Roberts Road,
       Gresham, Oregon
   Tel: 503 545 4301
   Email: don @ cheapcharlie.us
   Website: www.thebestbottleshop.com

Just across the street from Wells Fargo and neighboring the bistro cafe.

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